About Kevin Lampe

Kevin Lampe is an internationally recognized expert in crisis, political, media and communications strategy.

“Ideas, Delivered” is the mission of his firm Kurth Lampe Worldwide. He develops and directs the delivery of his clients’ complicated messages to a variety of audiences.

KJL Formal PicKurth Lampe Worldwide has particular expertise in dealing with difficult and crisis/legal situations. Kurth Lampe Worldwide serves as the press/media relations counselors for their clients – including numerous political campaigns ranging from local offices to national presidential campaigns, and individuals and corporations in crisis situations.

What sets Kevin Lampe apart is he understands Fraternity/Sorority Life better than most.

He joined Phi Kappa Theta in the fall of 1979. A charter member and Chapter President of Illinois Kappa Mu chapter at Western Illinois University, he also served as Installation Chairman, Rush Chairman, and Ritualist. He became a national office as a sophomore when he joined the Undergraduate Advisory Council (UGAC) in 1980. He graduated in 1983.

As an Alumnus, he continued his “seamless” relationship of service with the national fraternity. Beginning as District Governor, Province President until his election to Phi Kappa Theta’s National Board of Trustees in 1999. On a local level, he served as alumni association president and director on the local housing board.

In 2009, he was elected National President of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. After finishing 12 years of service on the national board, he began his first term as a Trustee of the Phi Kappa Theta National Foundation in 2011.

He continues to serve as Crisis Manager for his fraternity.

Kevin Lampe has a unique perspective on the management of crisis situations for fraternities/sororities. When his fraternity finds itself in a crisis, it, as according to its crisis management plan, turns to him for advice and guidance.

He has conducted those difficult conversations with brothers in tough situations. He trained brothers (collegiate, alumni and staff) on how to respond to the media and serves as spokesperson when needed. He negotiated with University officials. He testified at university hearings. He conducted investigations and chaired judicial hearings. He was an alumni leader during the adoption and rollout of Risk Management policies and those difficult but needed changes to Greek life culture. He knows more about fraternity liability insurance then he ever thought possible. He even suffered the heartbreak of closing his own collegiate chapter as a national board member,.

He has attended 30 national annual meetings, visited and advised dozens of chapters, spoke at and attended numerous recruitment events, served as educational dean for national and regional leadership training meetings, attended numerous alumni functions, keynote speaker at conferences, installations, conventions for Phi Kappa Theta and other fraternities, taken many calls from a brother in distress, spent countless late night hours “solving the world’s problems” with his brothers and others.

But he is most proud of the fact he has attended or participated in his fraternity’s ritual nearly 65 times.

In his professional career, Kevin has worked with Hotel Rwanda’s Paul Rusesabagina, President Barrack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Al Gore, President Bill Clinton, Erik Estrada, Rosa Parks, Government Ministers, Ambassadors, CEOs, Members of Parliament, Senators, and Congressmen.

He has conducted training seminars, interactive workshops and keynote address across the USA and in Kosovo, Uganda, Belgium, Albania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Norway, Mali, Netherlands, and Macedonia. Belarus denied him a visa because of his expertise in building democracies.

Additional Background on Kurth Lampe Worldwide

Kurth Lampe Worldwide has solid experience working with news organizations around the world to deliver their clients’ messages. Their experience in the political arena means they develop and move messages quickly. They know how to deal with the media. Their specialty is making the media, and the public – understand.

Kurth Lampe Worldwide is regularly called upon to train its clients to work with the media. They have performed this task for everyone from US Presidential candidates and other elected officials to community leaders and business executives. The principals of the firm have served on the Speaking Tracking Team (Podium Operations) at the last six Democratic National Conventions which handles every speaker at this event. In 2012 and 2016 they served in senior management roles and training the team.

In fact, former President Barrack Obama asked Kevin Lampe to help him prepare for his Keynote Address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Lampe was proud to be on stage with Mr. Obama when he delivered his historic speech. A speech that laid the foundation for his Presidential campaign.

The White House often sends Lampe “on the road” to perform advance work.  He was also on the road from 1984-90 touring as a professional comedian.

As Crisis Managers, Kurth Lampe Worldwide has:

  • Counseled a member of the Kennedy Family during a high profile legal attack. We helped discredit and stop the attack.
  • Advised a corporate executive under United States Justice Department investigation.
  • Directed a media relations campaign in a case against a major motorcycle manufacturer during the trial. When stories appeared in the media, settlement talks intensified and resulted in a positive settlement for our client.
  • Through an aggressive public relations campaign won justice for a man wrongfully convicted and forced the City of Chicago to settle for $9 million dollars in damages.
  • Once again, through an aggressive public relations campaign won justice for women who were mistreated in Cook County Jail, and forced Cook County to pay $11 million dollars in damages.
  • Helped a retired judge who was accused of ties to the Mafia, clear his name and proved he had no ties to any criminals.

Interestingly, four times our clients’ legal opponents asked judges to place “gag orders” on our efforts and each time the judges upheld our clients’ right to speak to the media.

Kurth Lampe Worldwide stands ready to help you develop and deliver a message that will present your side of a difficult situation, reassure the public and present a clear path forward.

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