First Blog Post Up, First Twitter Follower Blocked #fraternity #crisis

I thought my first post here would be some helpful advice about dealing with a tough situation or some suggestions for crisis prevention.

But, it is going to be about blocking a follower on Twitter.blocked-twitter

One of the first followers that found me on Twitter was a product used to conceal alcohol under your clothes. Now, I will not name the product but I am sure resourceful readers will find it online. Why should I publicize them?

The purpose of this device is to sneak alcohol into an event/place where either it is not allowed or for sale.

What does this product say about our values as fraternity men or sorority women?

I am no prude. I drink alcohol.

But, I also know that the abuse and misuse of alcohol is at the core/cause of most crisis situations. I have seen the damage done.

I think products like this are part of the problem.

So if you want to be part of the solution, please follow me on Twitter. But if your mission is to contribute to the problem, you will be blocked.

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